Who We are

Turkmenoglu (TOT) is a licensed company based in Adana, Turkey that stands out for its diversified business activities. It engages in general trade and provides high-quality and professional tourism services. Moreover, TOT has expertise in land, sea, and air freight, providing fast and efficient shipping services to its clients worldwide. The company also excels in the trade of fruits and vegetables and provides customs clearance services with a high level of efficiency and professionalism. TOT strives to meet its clients' needs with the best innovative logistic solutions while committing to quality and professionalism in everything it offers. The company is considered a strategic partner for businesses and individuals who wish to deal with it, thanks to its experience and efficiency in the transport and trade field. If you are looking for a company that stands out for quality, efficiency, and reliability in the fields of our specialization, we, at Turkmenoglu (TOT) , are fully prepared to meet your needs and provide services that meet your expectations.