General Trading

Türkmanoğlu Company is a leading company in the field of general trade in Turkey, offering a wide range of services in international trade.

Export and import: Türkmanoğlu Company coordinates and manages export and import operations between Turkey and other countries. This includes preparing and submitting all necessary documents, such as export or import invoices, certificate of origin, shipping documents, financial details, and coordinating with shipping and logistics companies to ensure smooth and fast shipping processes.

Marketing and distribution: Türkmanoğlu Company markets and distributes a wide range of products in local and international markets. The company collaborates with reliable business partners to market and distribute products on a large scale, including handling shipments, customs clearance, and managing distribution operations.

International partnerships: Türkmanoğlu Company works on developing and managing strategic partnerships with international partners in various industries and sectors. These partnerships aim to enhance business operations and expand access to new markets through the exchange of knowledge, experience, and resources.

Consultation and logistic support: Türkmanoğlu Company provides consultancy and logistic support services to companies interested in international trade. These services include providing advice and guidance on trade laws, regulations, and procedures, as well as logistics support to ensure smooth operations in international trade.