Customs Clearance in Turkey for Turkmanoglu Company

Ease and Professionalism in Customs Clearance Operations for Land, Sea, and Air Shipments.

Turkman Oglu Company is a leading company in the field of international trade and customs clearance in Turkey, operating in the areas of general trade, customs clearance, and tourism. As part of its international operations, Turkman Oglu Company deals with export and import operations, making customs clearance an essential part of its operations.

Turkman Oglu Company adopts a policy of full compliance with customs laws and regulations in Turkey, and adheres to international standards for customs clearance. Thanks to its experience and specialized customs team, Turkman Oglu Company is known for its ease and professionalism in customs clearance procedures at land, sea, and air ports in Turkey.

Customs Clearance at Land Ports: The customs clearance team at Turkman Oglu Company handles export and import operations at land ports in Turkey smoothly and efficiently. The team prepares and submits all necessary documents, such as export or import invoices, certificate of origin, shipping documents, financial details, and ensures compliance with all required customs, tax, and duty requirements, thanks to its close cooperation with Turkish customs and its use of the latest electronic customs systems.