The Syrian olive oil industry and its packaging according to international standards, as well as its export through Turkey to multiple countries by Turkman Oglu Agricultural Products Company.


Syria is considered one of the leading countries in olive oil production in the Middle East, with a long history of olive cultivation and oil extraction. Syrian olive oil is known for its high quality and unique flavor that reflects the agricultural heritage and culture of the region.


Turkman Oglu Agricultural Products Company plays a crucial role in exporting Syrian olive oil to multiple countries, using Turkey as a gateway to global markets. The company adheres to international commitments and global standards in packaging Syrian olive oil, making it one of the largest exporters of this product.


Turkman Oglu Agricultural Products Company follows meticulous procedures in the process of exporting Syrian olive oil. These procedures include selecting ripe, natural olives and harvesting them at the appropriate time to ensure the high quality of the final product. The company also relies on cold pressing methods to extract oil from olives, which helps preserve the nutritional value and natural flavor of the oil.


In addition, Turkman Oglu Agricultural Products Company adheres to international standards in packaging and labeling the Syrian olive oil, ensuring that it meets the requirements of different markets. The company takes pride in promoting the rich heritage and superior quality of Syrian olive oil to customers worldwide.

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