General Trading

Turkish Shoes

Turkey is one of the most important shoe manufacturing countries in the world, known for its attractive and modern designs that appeal to all tastes. Turkmen Oglu Shoe Trading Company stands out with a wide range of wonderful models that suit both men and women, characterized by high quality and competitive prices.   The men’s […]

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Turkish Carpet

Turkish carpet trade is one of the most distinctive industries in Turkey and is popular in many Arab and foreign countries. There are many different types of Turkish carpets available, including traditional and modern carpets, known for their high quality and unique beauty.   Turkmanoglu Carpet Trading Company has years of experience exporting Turkish carpets

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Turkish Curtains

Turkish curtains are considered unique products that combine art, quality, and sophisticated design. Turkish curtains are known for their vibrant and cheerful colors, which reflect the authentic Eastern character. Turkmanoglu company offers export services for Turkish curtains to many Arab and foreign countries, thanks to the quality of its products, their diversity, and their wonderful

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The Syrian olive oil industry and its packaging according to international standards, as well as its export through Turkey to multiple countries by Turkman Oglu Agricultural Products Company.   Syria is considered one of the leading countries in olive oil production in the Middle East, with a long history of olive cultivation and oil extraction.



Sudan is one of the largest producers of sesame in the world, known for its premium black sesame known as “Gadarif”, which is characterized by its large size and unique flavor. Sudanese Gadarif sesame is considered a valuable commodity in the global market, used in a wide range of food and industrial products, including confectionery,

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