Sudan is one of the largest producers of sesame in the world, known for its premium black sesame known as “Gadarif”, which is characterized by its large size and unique flavor. Sudanese Gadarif sesame is considered a valuable commodity in the global market, used in a wide range of food and industrial products, including confectionery, bakery, oils, jams, chocolates, and tahini. Turkmanoglu Company is one of the leading companies in the import and distribution of food products in Turkey. The company has extensive experience in importing high-quality Sudanese sesame (Gadarif) from Sudan, and deals with reliable producers in Sudan to ensure the acquisition of high-quality products. The Sudanese sesame (Gadarif) is delivered to Turkmanoglu Company in Turkey according to the agreed upon commercial agreements and terms between the two companies. The sesame is carefully inspected and verified for quality and compliance with the agreed upon technical specifications. The sesame is then packed in suitable packaging units according to the company’s requirements and market needs.

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Turkish Shoes

Turkey is one of the most important shoe manufacturing countries in the world, known for its attractive and modern designs that appeal to all tastes.

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Turkish Stone – Marble – Granite

Turkmanoglu is one of the leading companies specialized in exporting Turkish stone, marble, and granite to many countries around the world. The company has many

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Turkish Carpet

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