Turkman Oglu Agricultural Products Company is a leading company in the harvesting, processing, and export of Turkish peaches to many countries around the world. The company applies the latest innovative agricultural technologies and practices in peach cultivation, ensuring high standards of quality and food safety.

The process of peach harvesting starts with carefully selecting premium varieties from healthy and well-maintained fruit trees to obtain peaches with unique flavor and aroma. The harvesting process is carried out with care to maintain the quality of the fruits and ensure they are at their optimal ripeness before being prepared.

After harvesting, Turkman Oglu Company proceeds with the processing stage, which includes cleaning, sorting, and grading the peaches according to their size and quality. Attention to detail is given to ensure that the exported peaches are suitable for international markets and meet customer requirements.

Following the processing stage, professional packing and packaging are carried out for the peaches. Turkman Oglu Company utilizes the latest packaging technologies to preserve the quality of the fruits and minimize damage during shipping and export.

Turkman Oglu Company’s extensive experience in exporting peaches to many countries around the world, including European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian markets, is a distinguishing feature. The company ensures compliance with all international standards and legal requirements for export.

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