Turkman Oglu Agricultural Crops Company is a specialized Turkish company in the cultivation and export of hybrid peaches, also known as nectarines. Its activities include harvesting and packaging Turkish hybrid peaches to high standards according to international criteria. The following is a post about the harvesting and packaging of Turkish hybrid peaches (nectarines) by Turkman Oglu Agricultural Crops Company:


When the peak season for harvesting hybrid peaches (nectarines) arrives, Turkman Oglu Agricultural Crops Company carefully gathers the ripe fruits. Peaches are carefully selected based on specified quality standards, such as size, color, and ripeness. Peaches are handpicked or harvested using modern solar-powered machines to ensure the quality of the fruits.


After harvesting, the fruits move on to the packaging stage. Peaches are packed in innovative packaging that protects them from damage and preserves their quality and freshness. High-quality and environmentally friendly packaging materials are used, ensuring the protection of the fruits and preventing them from being affected by environmental pollution.


After packaging, the fruits are prepared for export. Turkman Oglu Agricultural Crops Company follows the highest standards of quality and food safety in export operations. The company collaborates with reliable shipping companies to ensure the safe arrival of Turkish hybrid

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