Turkman Oglu Agricultural Products Company is one of the leading companies specialized in harvesting, processing, and packaging Turkish lemons for export in Turkey. The company carries out production operations according to the highest standards of quality and food safety to meet the requirements of both local and international customers.

The process of harvesting Turkish lemons starts with meticulous selection of fresh and ripe fruits by hand, carefully picked to ensure their quality and freedom from damage or defects. The fruits are then washed and sorted by size, shape, and quality during the processing stage. The sorted fruits are checked for quality and ensured to be free from any defects before moving on to the packaging process.

Packaging is a critical step in the export process of Turkish lemons, and Turkman Oglu Company uses the latest technologies and equipment to preserve the quality and attractive appearance of the fruits. Lemons are packed in various packaging options that suit the requirements of customers and international markets, such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags, or plastic containers.

Turkman Oglu Company also follows strict standards in handling agricultural products, testing lemons according to international quality and food safety standards to ensure compliance with international market requirements and maintain the company’s reputation as a trusted and
reliable supplier.

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