Turkman Oglu Agricultural Products Company is one of the leading companies in the field of exporting Turkish pomegranates to many countries around the world. The company prioritizes the quality and safety of its products and adheres to the highest standards of storage and packaging to maintain the quality of the pomegranates and ensure their arrival in international markets in excellent condition.

The process of storing and packaging Turkish pomegranates begins at the harvesting stage, where ripe and fresh fruits are carefully selected. The harvesting process is done manually to ensure the quality of the fruits and avoid damage. The pomegranates are transported to packing centers using refrigerated means of transportation to maintain their freshness and quality.

As for the packaging process, Turkman Oglu Company uses the latest technologies and high-quality materials. The pomegranates are packed in special plastic containers that protect them from damage and prevent the fruits from touching each other, helping to maintain their quality and attractive appearance. Labels with information about the product, the exporting company, and shipping details are placed on the containers to facilitate shipping and distribution operations.

After the packaging process, the pomegranates are stored in modern refrigerated warehouses that allow precise control of temperature and humidity to maintain the quality and freshness of the fruits. The pomegranates are stored in specially designed wooden or plastic crates to
minimize fruit damage.

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