Turkmanoglu Company is a leading company in the field of importing and distributing food products in Turkey. One of the products they import and export to many countries around the world is Turkish apples. The following is an overview of the process of harvesting and packing Turkish apples for Turkmanoglu Company.

Apple Harvesting Process:
Apples are harvested during the season of optimal ripeness, according to the timing of the ideal maturity. Ripe and suitable apples for export are carefully selected and harvested by experienced farmers trained in proper harvesting techniques. The company maintains high standards of apple quality and safety during the harvesting process.

Apple Packing Process:
After harvesting, apples are transported to packing centers, where they are sorted, graded, and carefully cleaned. Defective or damaged apples are separated from the healthy and ripe apples. Then, the apples are packed in appropriate packing units according to the company’s requirements and market needs. Modern packing and packaging techniques are used to ensure the preservation of apple quality and minimize damage during transportation and export.

Quality of Turkish Apples:
Turkmanoglu Company is committed to providing high-quality food products. They collaborate with trusted producers in Turkey to obtain high-quality apples. Fresh and ripe apples are carefully selected, inspected, and graded according to internationally recognized standards.

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