Tomatoes are considered one of the most important agricultural crops in Turkey, and Turkmanoglu Agricultural Products Company is one of the leading companies in tomato export in the country. The company cultivates tomatoes in various regions in Turkey, such as Antalya, Mersin, and Mugla, where favorable conditions for tomato cultivation are available.

The tomatoes exported by Turkmanoglu are known for their high quality and rich natural flavor, which makes them widely renowned in international markets. The company uses the latest sustainable agricultural techniques in tomato cultivation, such as organic fertilizers, biological pesticides, and precise irrigation and fertilization monitoring, to preserve the environment and obtain natural and healthy products.

Turkmanoglu exports tomatoes to many countries around the world, such as the European Union, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. They are used in many food products, such as sauces, pastries, and ready-to-eat meals. The tomatoes produced by the company are considered a key ingredient in many global cuisines due to their health benefits and high nutritional value.

In addition to the economic aspects, Turkmanoglu contributes to supporting local farmers and providing job opportunities in local communities. The company is also committed to quality and safety standards.

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